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It was a great pleasure to host the event at Anston this weekend.

We are blessed with a number of members who enjoy designing and setting the courses almost as much as shooting them, and a number of members who are happy to help run the shoots.

As I almost managed to say in the speech, they all played their part in making the weekend what you saw.

I can only apologise again for the erratic catering, this was, sadly, largely out of our control.

Not having seen the Devils Ridge in detail till very late Friday, I was delighted by the looks on the faces of some shooters when they saw it today too!

Great company on the Camping, a proper fireside evening.

A quick thanks to everyone who helped leave the site clean and tidy if I may, it made the teardown a lot easier.

The problem is what the hell do we do to top it next time? Believe me, there were already ideas floating around while we were dismantling the Course today.

Thanks once again for coming to enjoy UKAHFT @ Anston.


PS Thanks to Ryan and Andrea for the wonderful curry!
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