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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Scientifically you need a constant variable to test things Si.

You are using two different guns, two different barrels, two different muzzle breaks and two different batches of pellet.

For a fair and valid test, you need to keep all variables the same and only change one i.e. the muzzle break.

Therefore one barrel and/or pellet may have a different BC than the other.
Granted to be 100% Connor, but my conclusion is mainly based on I know both my guns, i know my zero range and the conditions were fairly stable.
Bear in mind i am not trying to convince anyone else of my results, they are for my purposes only. I write them down here as I have a very bad memory, if i did not i would still be on page 12!

The pellets, well truth be told i could have swapped batches, used the same and it would i am sure not have changed anything. Both guns i would be happy to use die, 5,36,39 or 50 in.
Simon Ayres mentioned he has found pellet length tied in with his results.
My die50 and 36 are the same length.
My die 5 and 39 longer, my die 40 shorter.

The wind drift from the REv results was what i would expect, half to full kill.
The lack of wind drift from Priest is something I am now only convinced has changed with the Ostler Air stripper? Cant prove it i suppose, but i am happy to say its what happening. My paper teagets are here in front of me and although there is not much in it, the Ostler air stripper has tighter groups. Maybe only enough for a few targets over the Gp season, but that might be enough?

I guess i can ony really conclude that come January when the REv is fitted with one, see if i think it has improved the REV?
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