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Default Mines longer than yours

Luckily, we forgot to book the celebrity to switch on our floodlights at tondu yesterday.

Our range lighting plans are now onto "B" as the floodlights we "found" were not up to lighting the range past about 30m.
coupled with a school run meant Wednesdays session was nothing more than a short pellet test.

or to be more precise, a short pellet test, a medium pellet test and a long pellet test!

Interesting results and now i am not asking what die next time i go to the Gun shop to buy exacts, i am taking my micrometer!

I also did a bit of videoing of both guns being shot at 50m.
To shoot, both guns feel the same.
The thin cross hair on no 27 leup makes it far easier to be spot on at 50m with pellet placement. The target dot on no 1 leup at 50 m is bigger than a pellt hole..
Looking at the video, both guns look the same in terms of movement, or lack of it?.
Indeed, i was surprised how dead they both look. It is something i noticed when Derk tried the Priest the other week.

There was a slight breeze blowing that was mainly L - r but occasionally flicked Left.

was used with fav ammo, die 36.1
Aiming at the centre cross as ever when testing and not allowing for wind, out of the 60 shots fired, six groups of ten, there would have been 10 misses on a 40mm kill. Some were blown a full kill left from aim point so were half inch out of kill, some would have been splitters or close. What was noticable though, was there were a couple of shots that dropped low below 6 / 5 ish Thats something i saw in the Gp season and indeed there was a "55y" target in the worlds that dropped low on day three i think, though Connor reckons it was 57 yards!
Anyway, the REv is accurate as the summer results have shown. But ten misses, ok in gp terms not all targets are out at 50m, but lets say that 2-4 of them might have been? That could have meant a big difference come end of year?
The 45m target in our Gp, think it was my penultimate shot dropped low.

Priest on the other hand produced tighter groups once more (more ammo for the doughters lol), mainly as pellets drifted less!
The first five groups of ten only produced one shot that dropped low and out of kill. One of those why did it go there shots. However when i checked the pellets that were being used out of my pellet pouch, i found some were damaged.
Arms dealer usually takes his pellets out of the pouch after a shoot and puts them back in the tin,. I just leave mine and it seems they have thus a much better chance of being bashed in transit. so i may have to start taking them out and putting back in the tin, or at least re-chercking all before use?
Revs die 36.1 were straight from tin.
Group 6, the last before the school run saw the wind pick up and switch R- L. 8 of the shots moved about 2 pellets left from aim and roduced a ragged group of about half inch. One flicked right, one just managed to be blown left out of kill, about 8 mm out.

It would be great to be able to do the test in a constant wind with a bit more force, maybe the day will turn up? What today proved to me once again is the Ostler air stripper is doing a better job than the standard one. something that seemed to be the case Sunday at blaina where again, slight but flicky breeze took some out of kill, but not me.
Be very interesting once Rev has Ostler Stripper fitted to see how things are then
Priest pellets today were die 50.1
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