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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
The thing is that the air with high pressure and velocity behaves rather like a fluid, i.e. it goes mainly in one direction and bounces back from surfaces like fluid. This means that the so called air-stripping is just a wish because 80-90% of the air goes in the hole after the pellet in the first few cm-s. If we want to do something useful then it's advised to build a thing rather like a muzzle brake which helps us by keeping follow through as you said. But maybe a barrel weight can do the same...
Whilst I have no reason to extol the virtues of air strippers I'm not completely convinced by your argument. Most strippers that I have seen have a gap between the end of the barrel and the stripping cone. This gap is the expansion zone for the high pressure air leaving the barrel behind the pellet. The high pressure air leaving the barrel expands very quickly (hence the bang) and I'd say that a large proportion of it is stripped away from the back of the pellet. Of course there is still air following the pellet (much less in my estimation than 80-90%) through the stripper cone but a lot of it has expanded and slipped over the outside of the cone and is vented to the outside air.

Whether this makes a material difference is open to debate but I think that strippers really do strip air.

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