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The most effective muzzle accessory currently in the market is the new Steyr double cone stripper.
Just why it's so effective is probably best left to the experts but I think it's down to the holes drilled at an angle through the cones??

Contrary to popular myth, ballistic coefficient is the same with and without strippers, they DO take the same amount of wind. Accuracy is the same also however what a decent muzzle break, stripper and silencer do is allow much better follow through so so can see your shot land, in reality they greatly reduce muzzle flip.

So whatever floats your boat!

My EV muzzle break is a cosmetic feature, a barrel weight in reality. It doesn't have it's one or end cap fitted as for whatever reason it groups slightly better with it removed. I even tried just a plain end cap with no cone and its still better without the end cap.
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