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Originally Posted by aitchuk View Post
Re Gcos and ported barrels
The reason for magna porting a shot gun or pistol isn't for accurasey but
for speed. The spent gasses are deflected through the slots to help controle
recoil thus allowing the shooter to reaquire the garget faster. As rifles are
shot slower with a more deliberat aim it's not realy nessasery on a long arm
Plus the slots are cut the oposit way to those we use on air strippers
Don't know wether strippers work or not but they look good

Hi Aitch , thanks for enlightening me on the reasons for magna porting a barrel ,I knew nothing about it.I wonder if you could help me further, could you explain in more detail what you mean by " the slots are cut the opposite way to those we use on air strippers".

Many thanks Ger.
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