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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
Does anybody know how the air behaves in the stripper? I mean how much percentage is stripped off and how much follows the pellet etc?
Hi Andras, I think the only thing we do know for certain is that a stripper makes the gun look good as ( Lavant Lad ) said. With regard to how much air is is stripped from behind the pellet , I dont know of anybody that has the test facilities to come up with an answer. Just to go off at a tangent I have a gut feeling after many years of trying strippers that we are looking at the wrong end of the pellet . I think it might and only might be that the air in front of the pellet may be the area to look at.My reasons for saying that is that in the US they port shotgun barrels which must affect the air when it leaves the barrel before the shot leaves the barrel ( I know its not an airgun but perhaps it is the same principle) . In Formula 1 they talk about dirty air and clean air my understanding of that ( which no doubt the F1 buffs will be able to clarify further) is that clean air is normal track conditions and when you get really close to the car in front which is punching a hole through the air it increases the stability? and power of the car ,known as the sling shot effect. Dirty air is when you are some way behind a car and the turbulance created by that car affects the stability and performance. It would be interesting to see what other peoples thoughts are.
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