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Exclamation Going over the limit ?


I have lost count of the amount of threads I have seen on the net with regards to air gun power etc

In my honest opinion you would have to be rather unlucky to be tested over power on a hft event ...... now before you all bombard me please hear me out .

If you are responsible enough to own an airgun you should be responsible enough to make sure the power is well under 12 ft lbs with heavy pellets ( BIZMAGS for instance ) - this is the pellet most commonly used to test a rifles power in the airgun community ( feel free to correct me on this ). Also please remember this --- lighter pellets = more power in springers / heavier pellets = more power in pcp's although I would check my guns with light and heavies as I believe this theory can alter depending on the gun tested !

I know loads of people who run their guns at 11.8 ft lbs but the variation and power curve alone could see that figure go through the roof , add to that a heavier pellet and you are Oop sheeet street without a paddle !

It must be said that some faulty guns can cause problems too and if you take it to a registered RFD and its over the limit I hope he takes it away from you as it would be regarded as a firearm and illegal without an FAC ( fire arms cert ) - regular checks could avoid this happening btw .

I set most of my guns to 11.2 ft lbs which gives me plenty of consistent shots and is powerful enough should I wish to go hunting and humanly dispatch a bunny etc

Do yourself a favour and check your guns because if the law doesn't get you some fat hairy ar$ed airgunning fella with a chrono at a hft comp will !!!!!!!!


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