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Default I thaught so, its cold

Now I have always said the mk4 dont shift in the heat. Never had a problem there.
but i do remeber a frozen Tondu winter shoot a few years ago, think it was just after i had the scope off berty that saw it under range slightly on a day or 0 conditions.

Blaina Gwent for Rd 2 of the 2012/13 Wafta Championship today and simular conditions.
Arms dealers temp strip showed 2-3 degrees for most of the day.
I think the my scope was much warmer than that when starting, maybe 5 or 6 !
however, as we shot very slowly along ( a few whistles unfortunatley today) the scope cooled down, to the point i knew i had to add 2.5 m to the reading.

I am not a fan of standers on lane 1 for a regional shoot (feed on) but thats what we had today. Think they were 30 + 27. I had to work very hard for the pair as not being in the groove and them being uphill standers made it a strugggle.
I think it was target 5 i missed first today, not long, 35 ish but very steep. indeed 18 out of the first 20 tarets were steep uphill and not enjoyable at all today for me.
I pulled T5 and hit 3 edge. Bad shot.
Only other miss was another Bad one. 35 ish again but the front of my scope had frosted up so had a foggy image but shot it anyway
Shot and went low. Cleaned the scope and it came in as 40, Bad shot.

Gun otherwise was spot on, really can see a difference in it now. Little wind today it seemed, only came out once on a 47 and even then that was being cheeky as i came 1/4 inch out off 3 and pellet just struck inside 3!! Could have stayed in Kill comete course! Others around me were being blown out of kill far more than I.
My new super warm winter shooting clobber seemed to work, seems i need to keep the mk4 above 5 degrees?

Onto Avon hawks for rd 3.
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