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There are some factors that have a big effect on your marksmanship, and others, not so much.

It makes sense not to obsess about the 3%, at the cost of mastering the 97%.

In the past I've been guilty of sweating the small stuff, and I'd put equipment choice bang smack in the middle of the small stuff.

It really doesn't matter which rifle you are holding, if you're hopeless at kneelers. Or you can't range correctly, or your heartbeat is bouncing you around, or you're generating massive parallax error on every shot. Or you forget to load a pellet, or you shoot the wrong target. If any of these things are true, you might well be holding the most accurate rifle that has ever existed but you're still going to miss.

It's natural that we obsess about our kit choice and prep., but at the end of the day these choices don't have anywhere the impact on our score cards as spending a bit more time on our basic marksmanship practice.

So choose the rifle that suits you best, and when you miss, don't look to changing some aspect of your rifle (like I have in the past) look to trying to figure out what you improve in your technique.

Easier said than done though...
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