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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
a/ The rangefinding/parallax works totally different to a Nikko, and on the comp the sight picture can be in focus for a while (well at least a number of yards) The way i'd describe it, where the Nikko is digital the Leup is analogue...
I don't think so. The rangefinding works on the same way just the gaps are simply more stretched on Leupold scopes. My first S&B scope was a prototype and it had a linear scale, 1 m = 8 mm on the 5" wheel, the same distance between 15-16 m and 49-50 m. I didn't like it but could rangefind with it exactly with the same precision as with the new one which has only 2.5 mm for each metres (for the longer ranges) on the same wheel.

Rangefinding by parallax adjustment is always an analogue thing and if you rotate the Leupold's wheel 5x faster then it snaps exactly as the Nikko does. Or with other words: imagine a Leupold with a 3" wheel and a Nikko with a 15" one, and you'll feel the rangefinding very similar...
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