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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
2-3 months is probably the reason why most dump the comp series and move to other make / brands !
2-3 months is not long enough on a comp to learn it 2-3 years is nearer reality !
They are light, amazing quality both optically and build.
They are difficult to use in a way but once you know how too they are one of the best out there ! , not everyone's choice but look at who does use them over who doesn't !
They don't snap in ,it's technique of ranging with the comp which you need to learn and they move AS ALL SCOPES DO IN TEMPERATURE , it has disscimilar materials it has to move !
Any one who says a comp series doesn't shift is lying !
You are not wrong, it does take time to learn how to use a comp series........I would say at least a full season of shooting through all conditions and temperature ranges, the most I have lost with any comps I have owned is 2 yards, which usually occurs around 2/3 degrees.

To answer Kens question about them snapping in. I have had several which rangefiind and do snap in better than some....ok....they don't snap in like a Nikko, but you can get them to be more predictable by using your learned technique over time using it and they are better with a smaller wheel. I think Mr P is using a 65/70mm wheel on his. Also...I have always re-parallaxed my comps. I usually put a target at 65yds and then adjust until I can see no further than this distance, IMO this does 2 things, it brings the closer ranges down to around 9/10 yds, and makes them more predictable at range finding...IE, Snapping in.
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