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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
I've shot with the comp40 in question here, normally I use a Mk2 Nikko. Yes they are a LOT lighter but before you go for it remember a couple of things;

a/ The rangefinding/parallax works totally different to a Nikko, and on the comp the sight picture can be in focus for a while (well at least a number of yards) The way i'd describe it, where the Nikko is digital the Leup is analogue...
b/ There is NO zoom. if you sometimes zoom down to find targets/to shoot targets/for standers and kneelers this could prove an issue.

If you do go for it then i'd budget 2-3 months AT LEAST to learn the instrument....
2-3 months is probably the reason why most dump the comp series and move to other make / brands !
2-3 months is not long enough on a comp to learn it 2-3 years is nearer reality !
They are light, amazing quality both optically and build.
They are difficult to use in a way but once you know how too they are one of the best out there ! , not everyone's choice but look at who does use them over who doesn't !
They don't snap in ,it's technique of ranging with the comp which you need to learn and they move AS ALL SCOPES DO IN TEMPERATURE , it has disscimilar materials it has to move !
Any one who says a comp series doesn't shift is lying !
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