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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
I know Kev, but who can get the info out on how the Forensic Science Service actually test airguns? It's a moot point in the truest sense of the word. In my opinion, they are the keymasters to the interpretetion of capable and thus testing. Yet we're in the dark. I guess it depends on where you draw your own line to suit your own comfort...

For me, a test pellet opens up just as much of the can of worms as it closes... but if it's in the rules, it's in the rules... you wanna play, you abide by them.
Rob I would think that they will test with three pellets heavy, medium and light and then the make of pellet that was with the gun when its seized. Be nice if they told us which so that we could test ourselves but its never going to happen because its good for the crime stats. Also it won't necessarily be tested by FSS first, it might go to a local RFD/Test Centre FSS costs lots and lots
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