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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Having owned and used loads of Leupold scopes....mainly competition series I can speak from my experience with them. I currently wn 2 completion series, a 45mag and a 40mag both with Mildot rets. As Rob says, the 45 is the best range finder with a narrow field of if you struggle to obtain the target on high mag I would not recommend this one. Personally I prefer the 40mag...which again Rob has said is the best all rounder and he is right, they do take some getting used to, an a lot of FT shooters now opt for a smaler sidewheel so they snap in a bt better, I am currently using 75mm diameter wheels on mine and the gaps are still 10mm between 50 and 55. i used to ave a couple 20-50x50 which do come up for sale second hand now and then, so if you are used to adjusting the mag I would try for one of those. I also have Prem boosted MK4 at 32 mag which is a nice scope also. Best thing to do is look through a few before committing to buy as they are not cheap...around 850 for a Comp. Neil.
I've shot with the comp40 in question here, normally I use a Mk2 Nikko. Yes they are a LOT lighter but before you go for it remember a couple of things;

a/ The rangefinding/parallax works totally different to a Nikko, and on the comp the sight picture can be in focus for a while (well at least a number of yards) The way i'd describe it, where the Nikko is digital the Leup is analogue...
b/ There is NO zoom. if you sometimes zoom down to find targets/to shoot targets/for standers and kneelers this could prove an issue.

If you do go for it then i'd budget 2-3 months AT LEAST to learn the instrument....
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