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Originally Posted by PJHIZZLE View Post

I currently use a mk3 Big Nikko with NATO reticle. I am considering buying a Leopold but not sure about which model would be most suited to FT shooting. Can anyone advise please?

Also if you have any idea of prices that would be brilliant.


If you ae a young shooter with good eyes the 40mag comp X will be for you ? if an older shooter then the 35 mag could be the one . the thick to thin ret is good . called the 30+30 ret . but i have to say if you have a MK111 nikko then none of the scopes mentioned will actually range any better , including the march .we are only shooting at 55 yards not three thousand . BUT if you have the dosh and wish to spend it . why not .but the lupes are lighter and balance the rifle better than the big scopes .as neil says do not forget the lupes MK4s in 32 mag and 35 mag if you have good eyes , much cheaper to . prices Secondhand are roughly .35 mag comp X 600 to 750 . Lupe 20+50 800 to a 1000 . Lupe MK4 32 mag 450 to 550 ish . 35 mag MK4 550 to 700 . depends how much they want to sell em ??? HOLLY
PS carefull on the 20+50s cos they cannot be sorted by lupe if they have a prem ret ?
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