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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Having owned and used loads of Leupold scopes....mainly competition series I can speak from my experience with them. I currently wn 2 completion series, a 45mag and a 40mag both with Mildot rets. As Rob says, the 45 is the best range finder with a narrow field of if you struggle to obtain the target on high mag I would not recommend this one. Personally I prefer the 40mag...which again Rob has said is the best all rounder and he is right, they do take some getting used to, an a lot of FT shooters now opt for a smaler sidewheel so they snap in a bt better, I am currently using 75mm diameter wheels on mine and the gaps are still 10mm between 50 and 55. i used to ave a couple 20-50x50 which do come up for sale second hand now and then, so if you are used to adjusting the mag I would try for one of those. I also have Prem boosted MK4 at 32 mag which is a nice scope also. Best thing to do is look through a few before committing to buy as they are not cheap...around 850 for a Comp. Neil.
I have owned half a dozen Leupold Comps, 35 40 and 45, none of them ''snap in''

You look for small details on the target and just turn the wheel slowly until its crystal clear.

You will not find a scope that range finds better than a 45 mag Leupold Comp at any price.
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