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Had a quick go and averaged 11.56. however my second shot seemed to be way over. However i think its is just the inaccuracies of doing it this way. The other 4 shots were 9.8 on the nose with a moderator on. The 2nd shot showed about 18 i think it maybe missed the pellet landing. and im picking something else like an echo up. Its not too bad this way ill chrono the gun on sunday and find out what the chrono says. hopefully 9.8. i think the mod take a little off as most folk i have spoken to say the POI drops a little with one on.

Revisited the second shot zoomed all the way in as far as i could and found a clear point where the shot landed around 11ft/lbs so a bit more normal. Its not without it flaws i admit but for something i knocked up in 10 mins for free thats not bad. Ill calibrate it against a chrono on sunday. If anyone gives it a bash then let me know. ill send the spreadsheet if you want.

I was doing it at a range of 16 ft in a hallway which isnt ideal due to the amount of echo involved but 9.8, 11.02, 9.8,9.8 and 9.8 so apart from the second shot which is a bit ambiguous its not too bad.


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