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Viscous circle for me.

Shooting was/is something that I do just for relaxation and fun after 30 years of being probably over competitive on a cricket field.

So I just shoot an old springer and see If I can get a score that I think is ok for me on that course. Then I start shooting quite well and put in a good score or two. Then that damn competitive gremlin kicks in and I actually start thinking that I could do well at this, so I then say I'll really try and give it a go and see how good I can get. Then because I put too much pressure on myself ( I've got to get a good score today syndrome ) I shoot like a prat and get a poor score and after calming down ( takes about 4 days ) I go back to the beginning of this paragraph.

Strange mentality really as I really don't give a monkey's about winning a gonk. If I won one it'd just be thrown away. It's just the competitive attitude that kicks in that wants to push me as far as I can go ... but my old nerves can't take it anymore. Ironically as a younger man and in a far more physical sport I needed the adrenalin to get the best out of me.

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