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Default less wind......try turning your gun down below 12 foot pound

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
urday that is.

Weather forcast was not great but with the new shelter nerarly finished, it of course means we can go down and practise all weathers. another week or two and darkness will be no foe either as our floodlights go up
So, sat under the shelter looking at blue skys it dawned that the practise course, not beeing peed on was shootable.

Bob the Builder (Gadget) was up for a quick round so off we set.
Priest, Die 50 + no 1 luep
I missed target 1 through talking and not dialing the shot, got it second time and then missed target two as I
I took no notice of the wind! got that second time.
Other than that only missed another 3, two of which were standers. One of them was being lay and not doing my coat up, even though it was only 18m i swayed around like a Drunkrd and missed lol.
Hit hit second time. Other stander was the 35m one which i hit high.
good enough, not really given the conditions?

Hardly came out of kill?? Thing is, as with Oaktree i thaught i should have been out a touch more. Hate to think it really, but I am starting to conclude the new air stripper is someting to do with less wind? Suppose it ties in with the tighter groups?
Anyway, one thing that did strike me on saturday was i dont really concentraight when shooting a practise course in "comp" mode, ie 1 shot at the target, or in our re-setting targets case two.
I do however concentraight far more when doing three in a row.
So from now on practise will be three in a row, starting tomorrow

It will also be interesting to see given forcast wind speeds of 10 - 14 mph on the Tondu Ridge, to see if i am closer to the kill than i would have been a few weeeks ago?
Just two points, Simon when have you ever been able to do your coat me your a bat fastard
and as you always say, you have never understood the technical workings of a precharge air gun, this muzzle break of yours..taking less wind.....the bollox thats spilling from your mouth at the minute is of massive proportions...take a day off for ***** sake, its laughable, its just your weak mind trying to justify the amount you have spent on the wonder muzze brake
This thread has run its course..end it....for the sanity of every one on s.t.b
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