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Originally Posted by Bill Peat View Post
Scott me retro splash and dasher,
having tried a few retro fragrances it has been a toss up between boots albany and noir. other retro fragrences give me a nasty rash in said gonad area
i dined on prawn cocktail with mary rose sauce,fishfingers and birds angel delight washed down with a bottle of hock
Noir !!! OMG not seen that for about 20 years when i was once in Superdrug purchasing a latex compression vibrating arab strap for my pet hamster Harold.

Prawn cocktail , very retro , liking the Hock !

Just watching re-runs of the Professionals on the idiots latern. Bodie is wearing a spiffing jacket with a lapel that would give a B52 bomber a run for it's money regarding wing span !
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