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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
Hi Dave,

could you tell me how are the pistol comps run and what equipment is allowed?

Dave - this is from the rules section of the NEFTA site:

Pistol Rules
  • All shots are to be taken standing
  • The targets should be lollipop style, any shape silhouette is permitted but the faceplate must not exceed 5" by 3".
  • One or two hand extended arm grip must be used.
  • Open sights, pistol scopes or red dot sights are allowed.
  • All pistols must comply with the legal power limit in force at the time of the event.

Pistols used can vary from CO2, spring powered or right up to the top end Steyrs etc. Same with sights - open, telescopic and red dots are used.

There are no separate categories - just shoot what you have and if you don't have one - borrow someones

The course is made up of 10 targets and the league scores are worked out using the top NEFTA shooters score on the day as 100%.

Visitors are ok to shoot the pistol comps and their scores are shown on the days results but they are not included in the league tables as that is for NEFTA shooters only.



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