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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
First of all I must apologise for shamelessly ripping of Daves idea for this post Good idea mate

For those of you that that don't know i've been asked to be the Steyr team captain and will be compiling the scores to count towards our manufacturer scores for the remaining rounds So far I've compiled a list of those that I'm aware shoot Steyr (and will be chased down for their score if they shoot well) but if you also shoot Steyr and would be interested in contributing your score towards the team total please add your name to the list below

So far the list as is follows...

Vince Blackman
Steph Kirkwood
Roger Lait
Ross Hudson
Jennie Stone
Richard Woods
Chris Coombes
Darren Quincey
Dave Lilywhite
Dave Allum
John Murray
Ray Ross
Danny Webb
Roger Bentley
Greg Hensman (JNR)
Colin Matthews

Many thanks

Added mine to the bottom Vinny
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