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Default pro target a solid performer, but no bling

Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Move with the times maybe, but what was there wrong with the Pro-Target? Bombproof and accurate and with the Mk3 Reg good to go right out the box. The EV2 was a case of some where ok, others nails, and took fettling to get it right. After 8 years and 4 marks it is now sort of right (admittedly a lot of the mods where stock related which wasn't the source of the trouble) it is seemingly about there. I'm hoping they have PROPERLY tested rifle x out in the field in real life conditions and ironed out any faults, my fear is though it'll be another microsoft gun where they will release a 90% there gun and have PAYING CUSTOMERS do their final field trialing for them unearthing issues to be looked out over subsiquent marks/mods/revisions.....
I owned a pro-target mk3, it was leaking between shots from new and went back to the factory, to sort the reg it was a decent gun when it was fixed, hated the cocking mech, "crude", did an accurcy test against my s400 at 55 yards, to my disapointment the s400 was more accurate..
ive got a mk1 and a mk4 ev2, there both better guns than my pro target ever was, not to mention the pro target in standard form from a looks perspective was a real drab and boring looking gun....
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