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Thanks for the replies My Dad has an EV2 (mk4) and it does seem very easy to group well-although he just plinks with it
The only rifle I have not shot in anger is the LG110-I found them a little too light to be honest...but having looked at some of the custom woodwork on show in the galleries on here...Hmmm
The irony is, now I am changing all my rifles to LG300'S, it is costing me a bloody fortune-five years ago I was offered half a dozen for under 800 The price I am paying for fashion They do seem to be an easy rifle to shoot well with-and they seem to be fairly straightforward in design-I can understand their popularity.

I recently asked John Ostler for his opinion on which is the best rifle out there-he said it was impossible to answer-its down to personal taste really, although he did list good / bad points as follows:

Ripley AR5's-superbly crafted-the trigger can be a weak point
Anschutz-the best trigger
Walther-(and I quote: the designer of this rifle must be laughing all the way to the bank-surely the cheapest of all the FT guns to produce-so simple yet reliable)
Steyr-probably the best engineered rifle
EV2-brilliant-once Air Arms design flaws (bit political) have been ironed out
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