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Session 1
Simon Howarth Open
Grego Hensman - Open
Michelle Pullen - Ladies/Open
Dave Goldsberry - .22
Ricky Downing - open
Peter Foote - open
Simon foote - open
Bert Tate open
Mike Everson open
Pete Underwood open
Andrtew Underwood Juniour
Mick Goodenough Open
Tony Male Open
Simon Harrison Open
Peter Minchin Open
Steve Cartledge - Open
Kevin Gaunt - Open
Dave Martin - Recoiling
Greg Morss - Open
Darren Green - Open
Dave Clements - Recoiling
Mark Jones - .22
Rob Lamerton - Open
Brian Heaps -Open
Harry Compton - Open
Andy Jones - Open
Elliott Compton - Open
Tom Morgans -Open
ken gould - open (vet)
Phil Godwin
Andy Ashmore -Open
Gary Brazier - Open
Tom Brazier -Open
Steve Milburn - Open
Ian Treadwell - Recoiling
Darrin Lyn - Open
Steve Liddamore - Recoiling
Tony Lamsdale - Recoiling
Tom Nelson - .22
Mick Boswell - Open
Steve Mcfarlane Open
Karyn McFalrlane Ladies Open
Lee Meadows Open
Alan Meadows Open
James McLachlan open
Andy McLachlan class unknown( I am actually very much "lower" class but will be using a recoiling gun with a flat cap on)
Malcolm Morris - Open

Session 2
Greg Hensman - Recoiling
Matt Ford - Open
Ross Young - Open
Jade Young - Ladies/Open
Mark Thompson- Recoiling
Kathy Thompson - Ladies/Open
Paul Brittain - Open
Gary Chillingworth - Open
Alex Larkin - Open
Jean Greatrex - Ladies/Open
Denny Lane - Open
Lloyd grove - Open
Evan Grove - Open
mick mctighe - recoiling
Rob Mobley - Open
Steve Whiting - Recoiling
Bob Clay - Recoiling
Dave Hunter - Open
Ian Hunter - Open (Vet)
Ell Macey - Open
Gary Duplock - recoiling
Chris Duplock - open
Ian Bainbridge - open (s200 blunderbuss)
Richard Ardern-open
Aretha Devanney-Ladies
Alex Dewsbury-open
Connor Ford- Junior
Nigel Smith
Phil Bennett-open
Andy Wilkinson-open
Alex Dermietzel- Junior
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