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I have not read the Airgun world review on the Sightmark and I am sure it was well written and acurate, however, was the scope used for HFT?

Both Dave and myself shoot HFT to a high standerd (Dave better then me) and we have looked through many different scopes. I also work for Airgunner magazine and have tested many scope for normal shooting and HFT and trust me, you will not go wrong with the Mamaba lite or the Panorama.

I have been writing a beginners series for AG and we have been using a Hawke Panorama EV 4-12x40 with a half mill dot ret. (125)

If you use this scope with a 40 yard zero, all of you 15mm and 20mm targets are the half mill above the kill zone, the 45 yard mark is the half mill below and everything else is in between.

The optics are good for the money and I have used one and scored a 57ex60 with it.

Hope this helps

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