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a mtc viper 10x44 is a good starter hft scope. theres one for sale at a good price on the other forum. its not even been mounted to a gun before.

the hawke tac30 10x42 is also a good scope for the money. with both scopes being a set 10 mag your dots will always be the same distance so you can learn your aim points. although i prefer the tac30, the viper is the better value for money as you get everything except the gun with it. (flip ups, mounts, sunshade, side focus and illuminated ret)

i have a tac30 4.5-14x42 for hunting, but i only really use it on 10 mag as thats what i'm used to using. the set 10 tac30 seems to have a brighter clearer image than the variable one.

hawke panoramas are also getting a good rep at the moment too. none of the scopes mentioned are too expensive and are easily good enough for the job. its best to try and have a go with other peoples set ups to see which best suits your eyes. chris cundey for example has tried lots of different scopes at lots of different prices, but still ended up going back to the viper. it suits him and he shoots very well with it.

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