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I've only tried one - my one - but I have to say my trigger is incredibly light, possibly too light until I adjusted it. I'm used to the Daystate Mk4 electronic trigger so the AR20 must have been stupidly light.

I agree with everything else though. It's a heavy rifle and it's heavy at the front end which makes it feel even heavier. I temporarily hung a one kilo weight over the butt before the rifle's balance point was anywhere near the trigger guard. I'm sure the aluminium Walther cylinder would improve this.

I have say that whilst everyone agrees that it is very accurate, mine has not been great. I have floated the barrel by milling off the front of the shroud which improved matters very slightly (I didn't really have a lot of POI shift but it was worth it to remove the issue completely). Overall it is still exhibiting looseness in its grouping (12 to 15mm edge to edge at 30 yards) as if the pellets don't suit the barrel but I've been through dozens of different pellets and not found anything it particularly likes. The best seem to be JSB Express and Daystate Li's but they're still not great. I think there may be other variables at play here - I just can't think what they might be though.

I think mine must just not be one of the best as nobody else seems to have issues. It is still huge fun though, particularly as it's something to be developed and improved which is something I like doing and for the money you really can't beat it if you want this sort of target shooting based gun.

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