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we had a good time,and enjoyed the course.many thanks to the people who set the course and the club well done!

As some of you may be aware I was at the 1st round of the Southern Hunter Series at Buxted.
With my Video camera, now I should have announced that I would be videoing for our You Tube channel “VerminHuntersTV”
which is run by me Davy Thomas & Si Pittaway, we plan to video the whole of the 8 rounds for our subscribers, as we think we can give them an insight into other air gun activities and hopefully encourage more air gunners at the series, so first of all I would like to apologise for not asking first!


And would like to ask! If any of you would mind me continuing on my quest lol, I only video the group I turn up with, but there may be others in the back ground. But Also I would like to talk to some of you who I met last year as well
Dave Maun, Tony Archer, Steve Buckley who I shot with, and also who I had banter & help with Mike Byford, Charles Peal and many others and get your views on this ever growing sport!

If you have any issues with me videoing at the 8 venues and its competitor’s please could you contact me via pm?


Davy Thomas

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