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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
It must be, it shots die 31 ok. one of our new members had a tin from Keens guns so i "tested" a few!
From the minute i sat on the practice range to me finishing the course, i had no issue with the pellets i used, like i said i saw all the missed shots strike, and most of the shots i hit, and all was well, when your aiming right edge of the kill, with a right to left wind and the wind flicks the other way as u pull the trigger what can u do **** happens, the pellets you refer to have not grouped as well as i would have liked in recent test's, but every time i have shot them its been into a on and off gusty headwind which in my experience is not the best conditions to shoot groups, with shots being pushed down and no doubt up as well, mother nature will always have more influence on where your pellets land than different batch's of the same brand of pellet, unless parcel force have delivered them, and every one is crushed and bent
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