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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Excellent bit of practise up oaktree today.

dodging early showers with some tondu tourers in what was a slight breeze, dropped 5 ex 40. That included the 15ml at 20 yards again, think that was me this time though beaten before i pulled the trigger.
Double dinked the corner lane where the wind is very hard to judge and double dinked the standers on the downhill ski slope. sorry but disaplines need a flat shooting platform so they are a test of shooting not balance.

Neil Long turned up later on tour after buying what seems like a very nice mk4 Leupold.
So we had another round as the weather was holding. Wind was up a bit more on the 2nd lap and missed another 5. However hit the 15ml and all standers Had two bad shots, talking too much and three good ones for wind.

System gemini came loose late yesterday and although i put it back together in what i thaught was the position, it feels slightly out so will have to look at that Wednesday and my close setttings under 11m.

Top day though and great company throughout.

topped off by Hero Gilly texting me to say He had pumped Fisher at castle by some 4 shots!
Fisher, who has been saying all year pellets dont make a difference has run out of die 36 and baught 2012 die 31, only to it seems find his barrel dont like them. in his own words they are **** and dont group
He needs an ostler air stripper
1, it was the greyhound 2, saw all my miss's spot on for height, and 3, im not a total "SAP" like you who pays 180 quid for a muzzle brake made of cheap alloy, is it lined with gold and platinum
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