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My FT set up is .........................

Old EV2 action swapped it for a Six Million Dollar Man doll with bionic vision in a Steve Austin stylee !
Nick Murphy took it to bits put it all in an old Minature Hero's tin quick shake for 20mins in a trumpet polishing stylee, dash of olive oil , 2 mins in microwave & hey bingo .............. Zenith Action.

Stock was a custom hybrid made from Mini Milk lolly sticks & Swan Vesta match stalks, glued together with rice pudding residue , cramp for 24 hours & wittled in a Ray Mears stylee into a plank the using a Dremmel with some Peter's & Lee eye protection sand away for about 6 months and hey presto .......... Stock.

Scope.......... Japanese Leeepoolllllldd it's fixed 40 mag but I can boost the mag to around 42 mag by using an Albert Tatlock glasses lense stuck in with Hubba Bubba ,i'm also running an Alfred the spider custom reticle, side wheel was the profile of a Muller Rice pot and turned from an Austin Allegro bulk head.

Mounts are doggy style.

Spirit level by Bob the Builder.

Warm regards with a dash of the Blue Stuff
Zenith EV2 No1 + Leup Comp x 40
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