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Originally Posted by mark stenton View Post
Trouble is shooting f.t is great in my opinion,& shooting in general, BUT It's boring to watch as as spectator.
Dunno Mark.

I went to the olympics, and like you thought it was going to be dull, but went all the same to see our lads go at it. There was a real mix in the audience, from families of the shooters, to people who just seemed to want any tickets and ended up seeing shooting. There was massive demand for the qualifiers and massive disappointment when we realised that having Finals tickes got you into the 1800 seated arena, but not the 600 seated qualifications hall, which everyone without finals tickets could get into. Anyway, there was massive demand. But instead of the quiet ssssh type dusty afair people were clapping every 10 the GB shooters got (which at that level was most shots) and in the finals we were actively encouraged by an MC to cheer every 10+ shot. Considering it's a 10 shot shoulder to shoulder timed standing shoot off, I'm not sure the finalists were quite ready for that, but they go on with it and the atmosphere was fantastic (and i've been to a Milan derby ).

I took shooters, non shooters and shooters who don't do 10m/3p or hadn't seen a match, and they all loved it.

I think a lot could be learnt. What helped was a simple scoring screen showing the hit placement, and scores for everyone. Plus a good MC (which could be a good commentator). Coupled with say a heart rate monitor or scatt trace (which I know is a bit of effort), it could really show what we're doing (or getting away with). Super slo mo like they have on Mythbusters which can catch faster rounds in lovely HD would be the added icing on the cake. We can dream.

Quite a few 100k needed for that, obviously. But I spoke to Ian H about something for the Euros which would be more simple to invoke and cheaper, which would be an almost real time scoring system for spectators to watch. All it needs is someone to walk the line all session. To save money all they have to do is nip into the stats tent and hand over the misses for each shooter which could then be displayed like golf on a rolling list. Suppose you don't even have to cover everyone. You could add in extra information like shooter profiles, some target information, and even some advertising. After all, in reality we do that anyway, walk the line and see who's missed what. It's what we're interested in.

Just need something like a big outdoor plasma/lcd to be donated plus a laptop, and a few volunteers. I'm sure we can find someone to do the programming, I would think it would be possible with something like a free bit of presentation software.

If you could get the cabling, or gear, there's some small cameras which could be set up live on standers etc to show the targets and shooters as Alec suggests.

Target shooting can be interesting, but it just takes a lot of work, and ideally a nice fat bit of cash, which needs a nice sponsor to help out. But where there's a will...
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