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Default Bad Belly

and thats alot to be bad!

Managed to grab an hour or so with young Mr.Wood on wednesday, Oaktree was the course chosen after a bit more pellet "checking" at tondu.

Checking as apposed to testing, and indeed with a lucky purchase of another 10 tins of the Priests fav Die 50 last saturday there are enough now in stock to potentially be the 2013 die of choice.

Had a rough week with man flu and usually a sickness as well, so although holding the gun steady was not an option we had a good sesion at Oaktree. Around 7 dropped was the the outcome for both Ostler ev2 in use.
Yes, Posh boy decided not to use the Walther but braught the Ev to Wales.
I must say in th flesh woodys ectended filler cap was nice, but i am staying with my short Red Air Arms covers, otherwise Woody will call me a sheep again.

I missed the 38 yard stander and a few sitters with wind that was anything from inside edge to off plate, thats what you get at Oaktree on a windy day and wednesday was very windy, far more so than the comp a few weeks back!
The 15 ml @ 20+yards was a no hoper for me. Cross hairs were dancing right - left and i missed it, not seeing the strike on the shot up plate. Then had another 3 goes at it with same result lol. Must have been edge on all 4 shots!Will paint it for Sunday!
Saying that i am still struggling with illness this week so not sure what the weekend will fetch shooting wise.

The one thing that did show Wednesday was i need some practise time with the no1 luep. Just watched the Team wild masterclass vidros Berty has done, very good (though your wrist does not need to be forward of the knee for kneelers and some courses are 30 ahot) and Ithink I will have to try and find time for 2 - 3 days a week to practise!
I was using the first dot on no 1 luep as i would have on no 27 ret. Thing is no 27 first dot is about 1/4 inch further out at 50 m and i think 4 of my misses were edge of kill wednesday, so need to get into the swing of things again with no 1 lupe and using its custom Steve Page windage dots.

Top scope though, definatly has the edge in range finding it seems
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