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Originally Posted by Gcos View Post
My thoughts are that I have given a possible solution to alleviate the shortage of places at the Worlds.

Re. Para 1. Segregation of the various classes . Its simple ,just ask them if they would like to shoot in their own class at the Worlds or stay at home. With regard to Helen what would she rather do again, stay at home or be with you SHOOTING. What are her chances of qualifying for Germany with the current qualification criteria. Since when did Francois and Craig ,Ian Taylor and a Gentleman from the US , and their thoughts have any bearing on WFTF policy or your thoughts on getting more people to the Worlds..
Generally I tend to like to consider the effect on people if i'm forming an opinion, so asking Helen who is sitting next to me was an easy start. Who have you considered the effect on, or does that not really matter?

Her answer was stay at home, **** that. She wouldn't be happy staying at home nor would she be happy getting an attendance trophy. She does not agree at all with sex segregation in the sport. She's added she doesn't shoot to be with me, she shoots anyway, and that her chances of qualifying are the same as anyone else. She'd be very unhappy about beating everyone and not being world champ. She want's to win on her merits not be put in a special class because of her anatomy.

She's added if you want it under her account name, she'll do that as well, she feels so strongly.

Originally Posted by Gcos View Post

Re.Para 2. Theres not enough other shooters from the other classes to fill a second session . Thats great ,you wont have to start shooting in the PCP open at 5-00 in the morning.Whats all this about overflow of PCP shooters going into the second session ,we have taken out Juniors .Ladies ,Vets , Springers and that has created further places for them. How many places do they want (all of them).
Seeing as there aren't enough shooters of the JLSS's to fill a session, and you want to remove more from the pool, why not offer Male PCP shooters the excess? Or are you suggesting that Male PCP shooters should be limited? Your proposal was about getting more shooters to the event wasn't it? There isn't enough demand from JLSS to fill a session.
Out of the 170 registered shooters there are a total of 30 JLSS shooters in Germany so far.

Making an event into sessions shouldn't change the make up of who would be in those sessions just to get them into it... what's the point of making sessions, excluding people, just so you can have a gap that you can fill with a demand that doesn't seem to be there. Many of the shooters who fall into JLSS do so because it's a by-product of their attendance, not their sole reason.

Originally Posted by Gcos View Post

Re.Para 3.Sessions are not pants at all. If all shooters in their class shoot the same time.
Which hasn't happened yet.

Originally Posted by Gcos View Post
Re.Para 5.The BDS cant take more than 300 shooters ,they can , its either they dont want to or they have not seen this proposal.
I have given a possible part solution to the problem and your arguments against it are are rather disapointing .It appears that you keep passing the buck back to the WFTF instead of trying to resolve the matter with them. I cannot understand Why you dont want the other classes to be represented at the Worlds.
Here is the reply from the BDS, that you doubt has been made, or that you just seem to doubt. I find that quite offensive that a shooter from England would do such on a public international shooting forum, but nevertheless, here it is;


2. the Worlds format is given in point 2,1 of the core rules (see sttachment). In Germany there is another reason not to follow your proposal because it is illegal. We shoot the Worlds 2013 ina State Forrest which is no official shooting range. It lasted 2 years to obtain an exceptionel permission which permits us to shoot only at August 30th to September1st, 2013.

26 August 2012 01:15
2.1 of the core rules covers the amount of targets per lane.


Terrain. For field target shooting events a suitable field/forest terrain should be identified and prepared. For the annual World Field Target Championship event this terrain should ideally allow for three courses of 25 lanes each with 2 targets to be erected per lane (total of 50 targets per course). Lanes of these three courses must alternate (e.g. red/blue/green course) along the terrain. For non-Worlds events 3 targets per lane may be erected.
The course the BDS have chosen does meet the ideal laid out in the core rules, of 3 courses of 25 lanes each with 2 targets. They were not asked to consider 4 courses, or 3 courses of 50 lanes with one target beforehand. I personally feel that the BDS have made every attempt to put on the best event they can. We have continually requested the WFTF look at a solution to cater for more shooters.

I suggest that if you wish to take these matters up further, that you do so via your regional representative, or with the EFTA Chairman. If you continue to call into question my integrity or that of another you will lose the ability to post here without further notice.
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