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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Several reasons, in my personal opinion.

Juniors, Ladies, Seniors don't all want to be segregated. Some of them do well in the open class on their own. I know what Helen would say. I'd take a good guess at what Francois and Craig would have said. Mr Taylor qualified as a Senior in Italy. And I think the chap from the US got a top 10 as one this year.

There's not enough Juniors, Ladies, Seniors, Springer shooters to fill a session, or that can't be controlled to happen (unless you want to limit them somehow). So some Male PCP shooters will overflow into that other session because otherwise places are wasted and that would be counter productive. There'd be even less JLSS's if those shooters who wished to shoot in the open elected to do so.

Sessions are pants. Italy showed what different weather conditions you could get, and I'd hate to have seen someone divided by them over a title.

The EFTA have already suggested 3 methods to enable more competitors (because sessions have taken 6 hours to complete). This has been mentioned at least once on this forum.

1) Reduce time in lane, which was voted out (2.5 mins)
2) Reduce targets in lane to 1.
3) Add another day with another course

BDS have ruled out 2&3 as they cannot take more shooters than the 300 they have allowed for and have not enough time for a 4th day. I have no idea of what NZ have in mind, but i'm guessing that over subscription may not be such a problem for them.
My thoughts are that I have given a possible solution to alleviate the shortage of places at the Worlds.

Re. Para 1. Segregation of the various classes . Its simple ,just ask them if they would like to shoot in their own class at the Worlds or stay at home. With regard to Helen what would she rather do again, stay at home or be with you SHOOTING. What are her chances of qualifying for Germany with the current qualification criteria. Since when did Francois and Craig ,Ian Taylor and a Gentleman from the US , and their thoughts have any bearing on WFTF policy or your thoughts on getting more people to the Worlds..
Re.Para 2. Theres not enough other shooters from the other classes to fill a second session . Thats great ,you wont have to start shooting in the PCP open at 5-00 in the morning.Whats all this about overflow of PCP shooters going into the second session ,we have taken out Juniors .Ladies ,Vets , Springers and that has created further places for them. How many places do they want (all of them).
Re.Para 3.Sessions are not pants at all. If all shooters in their class shoot the same time ,whats pants about that.
Re. Para 4. No comment .It didnt work.
Re.Para 5.The BDS cant take more than 300 shooters ,they can , its either they dont want to or they have not seen this proposal.
I have given a possible part solution to the problem and your arguments against it are are rather disapointing .It appears that you keep passing the buck back to the WFTF instead of trying to resolve the matter with them. I cannot understand Why you dont want the other classes to be represented at the Worlds.
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