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Originally Posted by DarrenQ View Post
Dont ever buy a Daystate they are rubbish
Stick to Walther, Steyr, Weirhauch or Air Arms.
Scopes are a personal choice everyone's eyes and budget are different.
Try get down to a club and try as many scope and gun combos as you can as this will save you thousands of pounds in the long run, most of the guys are more than happy to share their trade sectets and let you try their air rifles.
Once you do buy stick to one gun and scope and practice as much as the wife will allow,
Range finding and reading the wind only comes with practice it's not something you can be taught.
Most of all have fun and enjoy it no matter how bad your scores are to start off they will get better over time.


got to agree with darren there.
if you want to come to an hft club for some fun and to try out other peoples stuff before shelling out then pop down to M.A.D @ CM3 6PZ any wednesday evening or 1st sunday in the month.
ive got steyrs and anschutzs and air arms for you to play with if you like and other members would be more than happy to let you have a bash with their guns.
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