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Originally Posted by Mr_Ed View Post
As the title says, has anyone got any recommendations as regards the best person to approach with regards EV2 Mk4's ?

Having had one brand new one that went straight back to AA the following day after purchasing it, and the replacement now being away for over 3 weeks at AA for being over powered, i think its time i looked elsewhere than AA for servicing and tuning and getting rid of those bloody stupid AT's so i can at least set up what is supposed to be a brilliant bit of kit myself.

Missed 2 comps so far because of AA's and i'm just about on the verge of rejecting it as not marketable quality and asking for my money back unless i can find someone local and decent who knows their little idiosynchrosy's.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If all else fails, i might just have to contact Dop for a Steyr !!!!!
Dunno about round that area but barry taylor is the man up this way he sorted mine after air arms couldna do its ever shot the way he sets it up so economical on air so consistant and so accurate best its ever been well worth posting to him. He does things differently to convention which are an improvment..
Pm me if you want his no
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