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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I don't think smaller countries should have their chances removed, what I am saying is that they should not be largely artificially created. It's kind of a rub to a country that has a developing scene to not be able to send the full range of shooters to the worlds because someone from a very well established country invokes their plastic passport for a place when it soley suits them.

The RGB however currently has the ability to select shooters no? So how would that ever happen? The RGB could simply say "Hey - we're sending our full allotment, so as a overseas eligible qualificant (is that even a word?) then we're sorry but you'll miss out this year"

Shooters shouldn't be shackled to their country for life if they have moved, but if it's about helping the sport in their country, then they should at least offer some committment to that country rather than chopping when it suits them. That won't change who really wants to shoot for their country, because they can still do it. That will more likely bolster teams with strong shooters, rather than with weaker shooters who know they won't make another team and just wave a plastic passport or dig up an 80 year old relative for 3 days of their shooting lifetime, just because the event is on their doorstep and they still have some pellets left in the tin they bought last year.

To me the current ruling shackles them less than the change you're proposing...

If you ask me, chuck the parent thing out completely. Allow people to choose between residency and birthplace, and only allow a change due to residency, and after a few years. Requirement for all shooters to belong to their country's RGB (like the BDS insist on). That way you'll get some stability in the teams and the skill dropdown you talk of. I see no good reason to allow shooters to swap countries year by year with no change in personal circumstances.

That brings up individual requirements for RGB membership, which is and should be defined by each country. Which means that as long as an RGB agrees then a shooter who meets the above requirements should be allowed to shoot for that RGB with that RGB's permission, as long as they meet both the RGB and WFTF's requirements. If the RGB feels that they get no benefit from it and the shooter is bludging a position then they already have the ability to revoke it.

Further, it will create a need to really check that there was some sort of residency 60 years ago, that parents were born etc... complete paperwork nightmare unless you're not going to take it seriously. I suspect though that if someone trod on someone elses toes and formed a team that came 2nd to the English you may very well find a whole series of teams questioning the legitimacy of a team. As a reminder, that has already happened.
Thoughts added above and below.... I honestly see no reason to change the requirements, and any "ringers" if you're referring to what I think you are - could be negated by making sure people stick to the country they register for the event under, no switching at the time. All's fair then.

Let's be brutal. Say Ian Harford didn't qualify for the english team. Under your suggestion he could no longer shoot for the USA. But to risk the loss of a prominent global FT entity and arguably the best source of tournament media, not to say a marketing rep for a major FT sponsor - well that wouldn't be acceptable would it? It just wouldn't happen. and then someone would be crying foul and the governors would be looking for a way around the change you are currently proposing.

Just leave it as it is, and recognise that while there may be little hiccups every now and then, the current qualification system is the best method for developing and encouraging FT globally, which is where the mandate of the WFTF is and whatit's focus needs be...

[/my 0.02c]
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