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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
Bait, who started the thread? I know Pax's name gets dragged around, but it's not like everyone keeps bringing it up.

It's simple. Let's post some groups

Let's see what can do what. We'll have a little comp.

25m. Indoors. 5 shot groups. Name gun, pellet, preparation and position. (anything goes) (you can do it outdoors if you like)... and you can post the best group as well, you don't need to show the 20 attempts beforehand

I'll start...

V-Mach HW97k, Maccari CS1000 stocked, 10x40 leup, mosquitos, no preparation whatsoever, out the tin, off the knee.

When we have a short list we can shoot groups with more shots and more groups. Lets start without wind, as I don't think there's a pellet that gets tighter groups in wind.

If we get enough entries we can start a new thread. Who knows, we might all find a new super combination and revolutionise H/FT and benchrest... we could make history! (ok, i think i'm getting a little carried away there... time for some herbal tea)
Brilliant group mate , was it just the one shot ???
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