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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
Good stuff...

You don't really need an excuse to visit NZ, but it a worlds there would be a bloody good addition to the list. Best pull me finger out and start getting the funds in for the EFTA.... this idea of shooters having to cough for their own flights* isn't on...

(*even considering that the Welsh boys got us a deal with British Airways, ta very much)
At this stage 2017 is our alloted date for hosting the Worlds. Depends on countries who are prepared or willing in the meantime, and any pulling out bring it forward another year.

2011 is a big year to keep in mind, as the Rugby World cup is being held here. Combine a trip to watch that, and some FT and you would have pretty much the perfect holiday!

I am sure we could arrange something for Internationals while here. Just be sure to bring your Rifle......and let us know you are coming.......

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