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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post
Bullet Shaped Pellets of Pax Design - need to touch Rifling for Speed and Accuracy
They improve as Rifling get's more polished -

When Ryan tried them @ Shepreth - @ the Start he was getting good Groups
But mentioned wind was blowing them off

Yes I can regularly pick of 12 Bore cartridge Cases @ 50 Metres Plus @ Lea Valley
With 4.52's in my HW100 - on Bipod & Table
As can many other Lea Valley users who buy them on a Regular Basis

As With 9.50 Exterminators / Logun Penetrators - sold around the world
in increasing numbers -
Orignally Made for Tony DeCross when he was UKHAFT Champion before his Stroke
In his BSA Superten

It is not possible to make a Diablo Pellet on Pax's Stamping Machines -
He has try in the past - can not get them out of dies fast enough to be viable

Bob the protoypes took less wind than my usual pellets, what changed for the production ones?

To be honest a shotgun shell isn't a particularly hard shot off a bench at 55y. What size groups are you getting?

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