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Default Well lads and lasses its an Aetec this Anston!!

With a few phone calls, texts and pm's i have done something i havent done in ages......its not a small secret but im on the hunt for a 'bloody good scope'....something i can focus on pretty much all the way through from 8yds-45yds

I have tons of glass but nothing seems to hit the mark (although i will be looking through some very good glass at the weekend thanks to scooby, Vinnie B,charlts and sparky)

I had a dig through and came across an old simmons 3.8-12x44 i set it to x8.5/9 mag and 24yd parllax and i can see right through the yardage clear as day, which im quite excited mildots kind of 'feels' a bit weird after so long, but i have made the jump and mounted it to the Hw100 (need to zero it on saturday at Anston and find my aim points).

So in for a penny in for a pound...bit of a gamble (lou thinks im nuts & says i'll be sorry )

If you see a 6'2 skinhead with tatts crying it'll be me (probably after vinnie B has punched me cos we're paired)

See you all soon

Celer et Audax.
(Royal Green Jackets/The Rifles)
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