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Dave Martin
Ryan Martin
Mick McTigue
Chris Sutcliffe
Guy Gillies
Bert Tate
Chris Cundy
Ben Russell
Gary Chillingworth
Jane Sparkes
Daniel Smith
Darrell Waite
Jon Houghton
David Bowles
Paul Russell
Geoff Rider
Matt Dimmer
Neal Rainbow
Gedas Girzadas
Wayne Marriott
Ray Hampton
Dave Lillywhite
Dave Hutton
Tim Bohr
Mick Fletcher
Douglas Hartness
Steve Wilson
Rachel Waite
Jeff Woods

To make it easier for everyone the team score sheet will be left on the table next to the badge sales until the end of the the second session. Please fill in your scores a.s.a.p when you have shot. Your scores need to be in no later than 15 minutes after the second session has ended so if the sheet isn't there then please come and find me.
I can then fill in the top 4 Daystate scores and give everyone the news that we have won


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