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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
bob can i ask how some of the things you have said work - i have asked before but you have ignored me

i have heard you say something like the more you use our pellets the better they group? whats the reason behind that?

also you rarely have to clean your barrel if you use defiants?

i have tried them in my ev2 and tx200sr - all different head sizes - clean barrel to begin with and about 60 pellets in each size

the SR would group 40mm at 30 yards with them - the ev2 was abit better - about a inch at 30 yards

not even worth trying at 55 yards in my eyes

but when you say the above i can't help but feel like you think were stupid or is it me please explain how things like that work because to me is BS

that is why i take the **** - they are superbly made pellets but there crap - there i said it

i think the range missers are too front heavy (you can balance them on there dome quite easily)

i was lucky to get them to group on a face plate sized piece of paper at 50 yards

i don't see how anyone could expect groups to tighten up from about 40mm in my sr to about 8mm which it groups with JSB's all day long - i can't see that happening somehow

but i would love to know how these claims you make work - i will happily bring up posts where you have said these things if you like
that has laid the gauntlet down Ste
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