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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
I know I'm on the wrong thread but thought I'd ask something...

I've been under the understanding that were allowed either 8 or 10 members per country per team... Hope I'm right there..

I've looked at an email of preliminary bookings for the worlds next year and out of 167 entrants there are 34 or 35 booked in for Germany in the pcp class....

Now how the hell is that allowed when all other countries are struggling to sort things...

Thought I'd bring it too your attention lads and ladies(Gilly).....

They are the preliminary bookings. Once teams are known the names will go from there into the team entries. Thus those left on the pages will be the excess over from the teams.
There's a separate list so you can see the team amounts reserved. Remember each country was asked if it wanted to have a pcp and a spring team.
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