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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
you need to get your facts right.
Neither you or anyone else for that matter,came up to me,reps included,at the inter regionals.
As for posts/ info put on this forum I don't spend all my time looking at every single thread on here on the off chance you might miss out on something or not upto date with the in crowed.,not everyone has access to the internet.The reason why I asked this question was to first confirm my thoughts,and also what I have being told since,is correct.
I find it very strange that despite posting the joint highest score on the day,nobody asked me the question,do I express an interest in competing in the world's.
At the time I didn't know who was who,or what roles they played in the sport and who the reps were.
With regards to having to express an intrest before being considered,i thought it was the people running the show that would of approached the highest scores on the day,working down the list untill said places are filled.
As they say,you live and learn.
Seems at times this sport revolves around the top AA shooters.
By the way love the new icon
Neil Me owd luv
You seem confudeled in thi noodle.....not last inters the one thats coming next year!!! if you wish to goto germania u need t register on the germanian ft site but dont pay then u need to make rob aware u have registred. When it comes t inters in apr time (i think) thats when u need t qualify if you dont qualify u may still be in with a chance of going to germania depending on places availablle after all countries have registred their teams. But you will need t pay a deposit in december to the efta if you pull out kiss ur dollars bye bye...if you dont qualify and dont get lucky with a place on allocation you get dollars back
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