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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
I once had a W@nk in Cyprus ? Does that make me Greek ?
Maybe Turkish?

So if Craig misses out on an England team place because his 21st falls on the qualifying shoots he could still go to Germany and shoot for Scotland? Or he decides to attend the qualifiers and doesn't cut it he could still shoot for Scotland?

I've lived in England for a few years and IF I qualify at the shoots I effectively can choose to shoot for either Scotland or England. What a loads of b*llox.
I'm a Scot, I either shoot for Scotland or I don't shoot!
Craig is, in his opinion, English. I don't hold that against him so if he doesn't qualify for the England team he certainly won't jump ship and shoot for Scotland. ( although I ,might try and persuade him )

Once you nail your colours you should stick to that decision.
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