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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Previous rules were 5 years standown if you moved Country, but birth Country option and Parental option were in place. We only changed to 1 year for residential qualification.

I don't think its a mess, I think it represents a fairly cosmipolitan reality where people shift around the world a lot for work and family etc etc, but still want to be involved.

There's new member RGB's who do struggle for quality shooters, and having that link with expats or UK residents who can shoot for another RGB on occasion brings everyone's level up over time.

It was changed for a reason: to open it up to more people and spread the game around the world. Now you want to close it up again?

The original rules stated that once you had selected a country as your home team, you could never change again. It stayed with you for life. I don't disagree that it was a little too much of a shackle but allowing a shooter to change country depending on what day also has ramifications.

It's to our advantage. We have a number of shooters from abroad in the UK. We also have a number of shooters with parents from abroad or birthplace from abroad. It allows us to cherry pick. We get even more shooters from the UK in the worlds, having selected the best for the EFTA.

I thought the rule changes were there to allow someone to move around, but within reason. Why have the residency standown if the other two qualifications nullify that standown? I agree that's what they say, but what's the point? Why was there a need to change it from 5 years standown to 1 if the reality is the standown doesn't exist?

Seems barmy to me It opens it up, but crickey it gives advantage to the UK where people often have Irish,Scottish, Welsh and English heritage, even before we start looking further abroad.
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